The activities we provide for our residents are a vital part of daily life in our care home. Our Lifestyle Support Coordinators are purely focussed on providing a varied programme of activities and events that are designed to encourage mental alertness, social interaction and self-esteem.

Keeping busy and active has benefits for everyone, but even more so for the elderly and those living with dementia. As dementia specialists, we recognise the challenges a diagnosis of dementia can bring, especially if someone’s strengths and abilities have been affected. People can begin to withdraw and lose interest in hobbies and activities that were previously important to them.

Our care team takes the time to understand these challenges, the stage of dementia a person may be at, and why and how their interests have changed. This bespoke level of support can ensure we are providing activities and events that are inclusive and meaningful to everyone, be that in a group or on a one-to-one basis. It provides a person with choice and the ability to make their own decisions when choosing what events and activities they would like to be involved in.

When an individual remains engaged and stimulated it provides a sense of purpose, can increase self-esteem and maintain skills and independence. According to DementiaUK, in some cases it can even improve the person’s ability to perform certain daily activities.

Activities are also, of course, an opportunity to socialise with other residents, guests and our care team. Nurturing experiences help a person feel valued and form connections, and socialisation has positive effects on the brain, supporting the ability to manage emotions. A familiar face also provides structure and order to someone who may be struggling with connecting time and places.

Now that we are inviting guests back into the home, it is lovely to see the people our residents make connections with. From children to community members, exercise trainers and entertainers, there is someone and something for everyone!

Our activities programme also includes physical exercise, which not only provides fun and entertainment but also benefits a person’s muscles, joints and heart. This in turn can help with toileting and sleep habits. So, making our physical exercise programme fun and inclusive for all is essential at Rosebank Care Home in Bampton.

We are proud of the lifestyle programme we are able to provide to our residents, and the benefits it brings to those living with dementia in our home. From Movie Mondays to seated exercise, and cheese and wine nights to magic interactive tables, our activities are designed for each and every one of our residents, no matter how far along their dementia journey they might be.

Quite often, these activities may not even be recognised as part of a programme. We love to see our residents getting involved in daily life at the home, and you will often see individuals helping to prepare meals, decorating rooms for celebrations or doing a bit of gardening. Things we all take for granted but are so important for someone’s dignity and wellbeing.

You only have to take a peek inside Rosebank to witness the fun we have, and you can guess some of the personalities we have living here, just from the laughter and the songs being sung.


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