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About Vanessa Lavende…

I have worked in the care sector and with Rosebank for over 13 years. I began my journey with Rosebank as a care worker and I am so proud to have progressed to home manager. I have loved working in care from the very beginning – I love taking care of our residents and making their lives enjoyable and fulfilling. If I can make at least one of my residents laugh or smile during the day, it makes my day!

Rosebank is a beautiful home, set in stunning Oxfordshire surroundings, but the essence of the home, and the very fabric of who we are, is nothing without the staff within it. The team is everything, from careful recruitment, to ongoing support, training, and feeling valued and part of our family. The management team, and many of the staff, have been with us since 2008.

We go above and beyond to look after our team. We have a commitment to a high staff ratio, to ensure staff have time to deliver quality care they can feel proud of, and to build valued relationships.

We listen to our staff, seek their feedback, and implement their ideas for continuous improvement. Ongoing training and development is actively encouraged and supported for everyone, to ensure the highest standards of care for all our residents.

Best Wishes,

Vanessa Lavende, Home Manager


In our care homes, we place a strong emphasis on a family-friendly approach, acknowledging the significance of family involvement in residents’ care and well-being. We believe families play a crucial role in guiding the care journey for their loved ones, and we are dedicated to offering responsive and flexible support at every stage of this journey. This ensures a collaborative and supportive environment that enhances the overall quality of care and fosters positive outcomes for residents.

Quality of Care

Our team is at the heart of everything we do here at Rosebank. All of our employee undergoes rigorous selection and extensive training in evidence-based assistive techniques for honing bedside manner and clinical skills. Our notably low staff turnover and employees’ genuine dedication to connecting with seniors on personal levels reflect our commitment to recruiting and retaining best-in-class talent. We invest in professional development and mentorship to constantly elevate standards of care.

Activities and Social Engagement

What sets our care homes apart is a wholehearted commitment to brightening every resident’s day. Our goal is to make each day the best for our residents. Taking it a step further, we engage with residents to discover their desired “Magic Moment” and work to make their wishes a reality. We pledge to build a flourishing community within our homes. So journeys can feel a touch more complete, and residents look forward to what tomorrow brings within our homes.

Facility cleanliness and safety

We prioritise the well-being of our residents by maintaining a safe and clean environment. Our commitment to excellence includes rigorous cleanliness standards, thorough safety measures, and constant assessments within our facilities. We understand the importance of family involvement in ensuring the highest standards of care. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to create a living space that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both residents and their families, fostering a secure and comfortable atmosphere.

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