Helping Older People Keep Safe in the Hot Weather

With the summer setting in and the glorious sunshine brightening our days, we’ve been spending plenty of time in our garden. From playing badminton to singing our hearts out in our outside choir sessions, it’s been delightful.

However, as the heat continues to rise, we must continue to be safe in the sunshine. This is because those aged 65 and over are often more vulnerable in the hotter temperatures. As such, we all need to be aware of how we can stay safe in this gorgeous weather.

How hot weather can impact the elderly

High temperatures can have more of an impact on older individuals and can lead to fainting, fatigue and exhaustion, so you must take action if it begins to feel a little too hot.

If you’re concerned about your nearest and dearest, be sure to ask how they’re feeling. If they express that they have lost their appetite, or their breathing and heart rate have increased, it’s time to cool them down.

Helping older people enjoy warm weather

When soaking up the sunshine, you’ll want to remain aware of the temperature. When the sun is at its peak between 11 am and 3 pm, it’s best to stay in a cooler spot that’s away from direct sunlight. If you choose to stay inside, keeping the blinds and curtains closed is a great way to keep the room temperature down.

In the heat, hydration is crucial. So, to ensure we stay as hydrated as possible during the day, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as they can have the opposite effect. Instead, choose refreshing drinks such as water, squash and fruit juices. This can be made even more refreshing by adding some ice cubes or even opting for an ice lolly.

It’s not just drinks that can play an essential part in staying safe and comfortable; food can also be important. Rosebank’s chefs enjoy putting together the summer menu with the help of our residents, and salads are often a key feature. They’re not only refreshing but packed full of essential minerals and vitamins!

When it’s time to wash off the day, a hot shower is always delightful. However, in warmer temperatures, a more tepid temperature may be preferable. It provides a thoroughly refreshing effect but be careful not to stay too long in the water if you’re having a bath as it can cool down quickly.

During the day, more relaxed clothing can make all the difference. Thin and breathable fabrics will be key here, such as cotton t-shirts. Also, avoid layering up as heat can get trapped between each layer.

And finally, wherever you’re spending time indoors, be sure there’s a good flow of air. You could consider a small air conditioning unit, or simply arrange fans to create a light breeze.

Finding the right care

Your loved one must be able to enjoy the best possible care, especially during the summer months when the heat can be a little too much.

Here at Rosebank Care Home, we regularly check in with our residents, to ensure they are comfortable and happy. With plenty of shaded areas available and plenty of refreshing drinks and ice treats to enjoy, everyone is well-cared for.

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