Residents reunited with loved ones for first time since lockdown

Residents of Rosebank Care Home were recently reunited with their loved ones for the first time since the start of lockdown, after new safety measures were implemented to allow for visitors.

The new measures in place at Rosebank enable families to visit their loved one’s face to face, in a safe environment.

Rosebank are following strict safety procedures.  All visits are being carefully organised and monitored by the manager, and are taking place in the garden, with two metre social distancing.

Jane Roberts, owner of Rosebank Care Home, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to introduce socially-distanced visits into Rosebank.

“It needed to happen as we felt that residents required that family link that they have so dearly missed, and we can already see the positive impact that it is having on our resident’s wellbeing.

“We are feeling our way very carefully, and our families are being incredibly understanding and supportive. These are tentative first steps, as we inch our way forward to a new norm.

“Our priority is to provide a secure, safe and loving environment for our residents as well as keeping all of our residents and staff safe from the risks of Covid-19.”

It’s been almost 12 weeks since residents have been face to face with their loved ones and the feedback from residents has been extremely positive with one resident commenting: “That has made my day and is going to keep me going for the rest of the week.”

Rosebank are still offering increased FaceTime and Skype links to families who may be unable to visit during this time, and for those who like to keep in regular contact.

The home are welcoming new residents, with specific procedures in place, to continue to support families who are looking for care for a loved one, whilst minimising the risk for residents and staff.

To keep up to date with what our residents are up to each day, follow our Facebook page where we regularly post pictures and updates.

To find out more about Rosebank, call us on 01993 850308 or email

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