From Movie Mondays to trips out, here’s what we’ve been up to

With the joys of Christmas and Halloween around the corner, there is something very special about this time of the year. However, these cooler months also bring their challenges as the colder weather sets in and we say goodbye to the lovely long days.

To ensure we’re all having a good time and to maintain our health and wellbeing, we’ve been enjoying a whole host of activities at Rosebank.

Movie Mondays

We love movies here at Rosebank. The old ones are our residents’ favourites. Every Monday, our Lifestyle Coordinators organise a film night for our residents to enjoy – a vote is taken on which film to watch and the snacks are sourced from the shop beforehand. ‘Matilda’ and ‘School of Rock’ won the vote recently.

Arts & crafts

Crafting is one of our most loved activities, and all of our residents have had a ‘spooktacular’ time getting ready for Halloween, making lots of seasonal decorations to adorn our lovely home.


The fun continued as we welcomed our favourite visitors into the home throughout the first few weeks of October. We enjoyed our weekly ‘keep fit’ session with Jo as well as storytelling with Gary.

Exercise can play an essential role in boosting positivity and happiness amongst care home residents, so we always ensure our residents engage in regular exercise.

As always, we’re so grateful to all our visitors who continue to provide endless entertainment for our residents.

Trips out

All of our residents are encouraged to get out and about wherever possible. New sights, sounds and experiences are important for everyone, but especially for those living in a care home.

We provide many planned activities including regular trips to the Clanfield church.

After one of their recent visits, residents returned home in time for lunch, with beautiful smiles on their faces after a lovely outing.

We also took a resident to Bampton Garden Centre. After enjoying a lovely cuppa and a slice of cake, he took a relaxing walk around the plants and Christmas gifts.

We now look forward to the thrill and enjoyment of Guy Fawkes’ bonfire night. Autumn is the perfect time of year for a celebration, and you know how we love to get stuck in!

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